Types of wild cats habitat and their climate with enviremovent information

This website is about wild cats and what environment they live in.

Types of cats and where they can be found

There are many different kinds of cats. For example, there are lions, Cheetahs, Snow Leopards, Chinese mountain cats, Jungle cats, Serval and much more. Cats can be found in many different places, some of the places are mainly located in Asia, Europe, Africa and many more. Some can be found in cold places like the rugged mountains of Central Asia. Some, but very few live in sandy places like the Southern African Desert (Namib Desert) which is located near the Kunene River. Even though lions like hot climates (like in deserts) it is very hard for them to survive because there is not that much food around for them to hunt.

What climate wild cats live in.

There are lots of different climates that wild cats live in. For example, some lions live in Angola which is in Africa, the weather there is warm (it is around 29 degrees Celsius). Some cats live in cold places like a snow leopard witch lives in central Asia, where the weather is -2 degrees. Some also live In Northeastern China where it is warm but in winter it gets cold. In Peru, there is a rainforest and there it is about 23 degrees Celsius and that is a good climate for a lot of cats to live in.

Types of environment cats live in

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Cats are mostly found in tropical rainforests but some can be found in different places. Some but very little live in the desert but not very many live there because it is very hard to find any food to hunt, it is very hard for them to find even a drop on water out there. Where snow leopards live there is mainly just rocks because they live in the mountains, there is again not that much food so they have to use it very wisely. Snow leopards stay apart from each other because sometimes they get into fights and these fights are usually about food. A lot of tigers and other wild cats can be found in forests like the Amazon River, the rainforest in Peru, where it is much easier for them to find food, fresh water and other food resources (hunting). In these forests there are a lot of wild cats, meaning that they can mate much more easily. Forests are the perfect place for some of these wild cats. Sometimes wild cats escape from their habitat, which is why you never know when you could spot a wildcat.

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Cats and diversity

Wild cats are important for diversity because they help to balance out the food chain. Also since wild cats are found all over the world, this helps to stop diseases from spreading to all wild cats. This means that if all the wild cats are sick in Africa then at least the wild cats in Asia will not be sick.This is how diversity is important in wild cats.

Websites and books used

I used wikipedia,wild cat facts, The wild cat sanctuary, wild cats,and National Geographic.

The End

I hope from the end of this you have learned how hard it is to be a wild cat.

By Tajveer, student of 6C. Date:Tuesday January 2, 2018